Our Strategy

Helping Vision, Changing Lives

What we do

  • Train local people (Spec Vendors) to screen for vision problems.

  • Vendors receive free uniforms, vision testing kits , glasses starter packs.

  • Vendors sell reading glasses, sunglasses, self-adjustable glasses at very low cost to those in need.

  • Complex vision problems / eye diseases referred by vendors to local hospital Vision Centres.

  • Vendors replenished at Vision Action supply centres.

Why do we use such simple methods?

Vast numbers of people in developing countries require glasses, but conventional supply methods are far too expensive to meet their needs.
Vision Action’s aim is simple – help the maximum number of people for the minimum cost.
We empower local people to help their community , using very simple techniques and basic products. We give them a respectable job and valuable income.
We help them deliver instant life changing vision correction for around £2.50.
Our methods are self sustainable and scalable.
We pay no salaries to our UK staff, and we avoid expensive charity marketing.
We therefore offer supporters / donors unbeatable value for their money.

Who benefits from Vision Action?

People suffering from impaired vision

Those unable to see close objects due to age (presbyopia) can once again read their bibles, sew and cook easily, continue in their jobs, and enjoy life more.
Distance vision problems are helped by self adjustable specs, allowing students to see more easily in class, improving safety on roads, and giving people confidence and clarity they thought were gone forever.
Vision Action can help 90 % of people who need glasses, at extremely low cost.

People suffering profound visual impairment / eye disease

People with very poor eyesight or eye disease are identified, and made aware of their problem. They’re then advised where to find expert help – usually at local Vision Centres run by partner organisations.

Everyone under the sun!

Strong UV radiation from the sun in developing countries often causes enormous damage to eye health.
Vision Action helps people avoid blindness from early onset cataract and other problems. We supply low cost sunglasses to prevent damage and make vision more comfortable.

Spec Vendors

Vision Action is a social enterprise charity. We function as a non-profit making but ultimately sustainable business.
Our spec vendors make a useful income selling life changing products.
Typically they make £0.50 per sale. This can help a student vendor through college, or pay for medicine or education for a vendor’s children and extended family.

Vision Action Partner Organisations

Vision Action needs good partners to distribute products to our spec vendors, and to assist in training and quality control.
In Cameroon we partner with the Et Cam Foundation.
They help us to serve our spec vendors, and in doing this they make a useful income for their child sponsorship programme.


Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation
Registered Charity No. SC 042549

Helping Vision, Changing Lives